Smart Home Display IOT

This is a DIY smart display that you can embed in to your wall. You can control your smart appliance, set timer to control it, get weather info, and act as a cool clock. Let’s get straight into how I made it.

Raspberry pi Tips and Tricks

If you ever worked with raspberry pi, you know how many times you need google around to find a particular sulution. From enabling ssh first time to enabling uart speed, you need to google around and find the soulution that really works. This is a list of frequent things you may need to configure in raspberry pi. This assumes you are running Raspbian Stretch with desktop.

Blog using Jekyll | Github Pages with custom domain

This post talks about how you can setup a blog using Jekyll and host it using GitHub. Jekyll offers simple and blog-aware, static site generation. Jekyll takes your content, renders Markdown and Liquid templates, and spits out a complete, static website ready to be served by Apache, Nginx or another web server.

Product Design of a 4 wheel differential drive robot

I have been thinking of creating a small mobile robot from scratch. From scratch means, go through all the steps of a product development. Design the overall architecture, design the circuits, make 3D model of the parts, 3D print the parts and finally integrate with ROS.

Inventory App for hobbyists

I used to buy a lot of small electronics component and sometimes store it for future use. The problem is sometimes it is hard to keep track of what you have in your collection. I find it hard to find any free inventory app that does the job. There are pretty good paid software, if you want to use it for some shops/warehouse etc. So I made an app that does the job. It is build using nwjs framework.