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Product Design of a 4 wheel differential drive robot

I have been thinking of creating a small mobile robot from scratch. From scratch means, go through all the steps of a product development. Design the overall architecture, design the circuits, make 3D model of the parts, 3D print the parts and finally integrate with ROS.

ROS simulating a 3 axis robot in Rviz

In this tutorial, we will create an urdf model of a 3 axis robot and simulate it in Rviz.

MAV with two propeller

In order to counter the rotating torque from the previous single rotor version, one more propeller is added. The second propeller rotates counter clockwise and both torques will cancel each other (Only if both propellers are rotating at same speed).

My single rotor MAV :)

This is a small MAV (Micro Areal Vehicle) I created out of simple household stuffs. Though this one can’t be controlled, it is fun to watch it fly. :) :) :)

Self Balancing Robot

I am working on a small self balancing robot for couple of days. It is not completed yet. To minimise the cost I used breadboard itself as a frame instead of a wooden or an acrylic one.