Warehouse Management System using Drones

21 Oct 2016

This is a project I had completed while doing internship at EY. The idea is to automate inventory and the stock checking process without any human intervention. Today these are all done using human resource. This is a really tiresome work because it involves manually inspecting each pallet (box) and read the QR/Bar code associated with it.

Instead consider a swarm of drones (a dozen or a hundred drones) go and check each pallet and complete the whole inventory and stock checking process in just a few minutes.

This is a proof of concept design in which a drone uses a blueprint to travel a particular path and then reads and analyse each stock item and update it in the warehouse management system. All these things are done in real time. The drone used here is Parrot bebop and is implemented in ROS. Instead of actual boxes, QR code is fixed to symbolise each palette. The ROS implementation makes the project scalable. The video of the project is shown below.