HTML | Where to begin?

19 Jan 2013

After you have a basic idea about the HTML language and how to test it, you can move towards simple tags for adding images, tables, frames etc.The best place to start learning is from . It is the best online site where you can learn Web languages..


It is very easy to follow and have option to test your html tags. The site is specifically for all web development. You will find all the tags listed there for reference.Start with simple tags like adding image files,hyper links,and then to tables to frames.Here is a simple example covering some basic tags

   <title>Eionix Media </title>  
     <center><h1> This is a heading </h1></center>  
     <center><img src=""/></center> 
     <p>Here starts a paragraph.</br> 
     This part is called body. Whatever content you like to add in your webpage resides in the body tag. 
     <font color ="blue" size=6px> 
     You can provide color, font type and size using this tag. But styling using html tag is not preferred. Because we use CSS for that purpose  
     <table width="250 px" height="50 px" border="1" align="center"> 
     <td>row 1</td> 
     <td>row 2</td> 
     Form </br></br> 
     <form name="form1" method="get" action="http:\\\"> 
              <input type="text" name="q"/> 
       Search <input type="submit" name="search"/>