A Basics to HTML

19 Jan 2013

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. It is the backbone of any web page.. Backbone means it defines the the structure of a webpage and you guys can put things inside this structure. You can put simple texts, picture, java scripts,flash,videos,server side programming codes like PHP,ASP etc.. Let’s come to simple aspects…Every browser can view a webpage. It is build for that purpose.

You can open up a text editor like note pad and write those simple codesand then save it as .html. If you simple type some text and save itas a webpage, that text will be there if you open it in the browser.Tags:There are tags in a web page. You have to close each tag with a  ’ / ‘ .Basic Structure of a web page is shown below..

	<title>Web Page Title</title>
	<body>Content of a web page..</body>

An Example

 <title>My first Webpage</title>
 	<body>Hi guys this is my first webpage….. Wait Guys am putting something new to it shortly… You guys have to add details to it ….</body>

(NB: spaces and indexes has nothing to do with HTML.)