Getting started with BeagleBone Black (Remote login via SSH with Linux / Windows)

21 Feb 2015
Just started working with beaglebone black Rev C. As I move on with beaglebone black I will keep my blog posted. It may be helpful for newbies like me... :-)

Connect your BBB (BeagleBone Black) with your PC. Open up your terminal and type


to check whether it's connected. You will see an eth1 (ethx) connection with an IP assigned as

When you connect your BBB, you will see a drive mounted up (if not mount the disk). Open the drive and open start.htm. You will see documentation of the device there. You can install drivers from there. (Driver installation isn't required, but you might find a few udev rules helpful.) Just download the file. Go to the folder where you download the file. Then give permission to execute the file.

cd ~/Downloads/
chmod +x

Then run it by,

sudo ./

In orded to remotly login to your BBB using ssh type

ssh root@

There won't be any root password set yet. For windows users download any terminal software like putty. Then try to connect with on port 22.