A Differential Drive Mobile Robot using BeagleBone Black

18 Apr 2015

Finally start working properly. Need a better voltage regulator and a better battery pack! Voltage spikes when BeagleBoneBlack starts. After a while the BBB will shutdown due to voltage fluctuations… :-( WiFi module in BBB is drawing so much current.

Now the robot can be controlled wireless and can move forward, backward, left and right using keyboard. Need much more work… :-)

NB: Voltage issue resolved using LM2596 DC-DC Buck Converter.

I have included a camera and a light source for the robot. But its not connected in the video. A laptop battery is placed at the rear end of the robot. It’s not the power source. It is just added for giving enough weight to avoid skidding. Otherwise it will drift a lot.

NB: There was a problem with wireless connection. It will drop at odd times. Solved using a script that will reconnect if connection is lost.