After Effect Tutorial

19 Jan 2013

When I started learning After Effect, have googled hours to find some good tutorials. There are plenty of sites providing so much tutorials. But there are some problem with those tutorials. The problem is not theirs but mine. We don’t have enough patience to watch the whole video tutorial to learn something that doesn’t need to waste much time.

image . This one is pretty good in explaining things. If you don’t have a high speed broadband connection, please don’t try to watch…


You will surely loose all your patience…  You will surely get some good basic skills from that site. Mix your creativity and your fantasy and you will surely end up with some very good works. NB: You need to have some medium system requirements to efficiently work with After Effect software. It uses a lot of system performance and Ram. It uses around 60% of my 8 Gb ram.Also you need to download some plugins to have fun with After Effect. Especially Trapcode particulate, glow,etc.. And one thing, those plugin are not free. It’s all cost a lot money. Google around, you will definitely find some good links to solve that problem..