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MAV with two propeller

In order to counter the rotating torque from the previous single rotor version, one more propeller is added. The second propeller rotates counter clockwise and both torques will cancel each other (Only if both propellers are rotating at same speed).

My single rotor MAV :)

This is a small MAV (Micro Areal Vehicle) I created out of simple household stuffs. Though this one can’t be controlled, it is fun to watch it fly. :) :) :)

Warehouse Management System using Drones

This is a project I had completed while doing internship at EY. The idea is to automate inventory and the stock checking process without any human intervention. Today these are all done using human resource. This is a really tiresome work because it involves manually inspecting each pallet (box) and read the QR/Bar code associated with it.

Controlling Parrot Bebop using ROS Kinetic

Parrot Bebop drone is much stable while comparing with the most widely used AR Drone. Due to ROS support and its open API AR Drone was widely used in the research community.

Searching and Precision Landing of AR Drone 2.0 using Neural Network | Gazebo | ROS

The drone is able to search and find the landing platform. Once it finds the landing platform it will try to orient itself and land in the platform. Both of these are implemented using Neural Network. The tag used in the landing platform is from the ros package ar_track_alvar.