NFS MW best scenes | MW Gameplay pursuits

19 Jan 2013

NFS MW is one of my favourite games ever. Even though EA released several NFS series game, this one is still the best. They released MW 2012 last year. But still this one stays top. With fun pursuit races and nice free roam gameplay NFS MW is the best NFS series game ever…

NFS world is pretty good and it has somewhat same gameplay of Most Wanted. But EA released NFS World as a complete online racing game.. Sad smile. But the thing is, it is absolutely free. Anyone can download the game and play online. Thanks to EA.. Smile This video is the recorded gameplay of MW pursuit races I have played with stunning actions.. Have edited this video using After Effect. It’s a nice tool, but it’s mainly for visual effects and not just editing.. Will publish my AE(After Effect) works soon. .