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Creating a Wireless remote for Nikon Camera using Esp8266

The Nikon DSLR camera I own does have a Bluetooth connection, but unfortunately it is of no use. You cannot trigger shots from Bluetooth. Also u can only share photos of low resolution across Bluetooth. What a shame!!! I also want a time lapse option which is absent in the camera. There is a WiFi option, but have to invest a lot more money to buy the WiFi adaptor. Fortunately it has an IR interface. So I thought of creating my own triggering device (like the ML-L3) which works over WiFi so that I can remotely trigger the shutter and also take time lapse pics.

ROS simulating a 3 axis robot in Rviz

In this tutorial, we will create an urdf model of a 3 axis robot and simulate it in Rviz.

Batman Key chain with ESP8266

Have recently bought a small batman key chain from amazon. It has a small button when pressed lights the batman eye with white light and sounds a pathetic sound (:(). So I thought of opening it.

MAV with two propeller

In order to counter the rotating torque from the previous single rotor version, one more propeller is added. The second propeller rotates counter clockwise and both torques will cancel each other (Only if both propellers are rotating at same speed).

My single rotor MAV :)

This is a small MAV (Micro Areal Vehicle) I created out of simple household stuffs. Though this one can’t be controlled, it is fun to watch it fly. :) :) :)