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Teardown Homemate IoT Sensor

Home Assistant is an open source home automation software stack that puts local control and privacy first. This is pretty good and the UI is also very customisable and can be extended easily. I want to replace my own custom wall display with this. Before that I need to find couple of IoT switches and relays which can be used to automate my home setup.

Smart Home Display IOT

This is a DIY smart display that you can embed in to your wall. You can control your smart appliance, set timer to control it, get weather info, and act as a cool clock. Let’s get straight into how I made it.

Warehouse Management System using Drones

This is a project I had completed while doing internship at EY. The idea is to automate inventory and the stock checking process without any human intervention. Today these are all done using human resource. This is a really tiresome work because it involves manually inspecting each pallet (box) and read the QR/Bar code associated with it.

Smart Room :-) | Wireless controlled appliances

If you are a geek, then you definitely want to mess with everything to create something cool out of it. What about controlling all of your appliances from your computer or from your smart phone wirelessly? Set timer for light when you go to sleep; autonomously switch your fan on when temperature exceeds; and when you are too lazy to get up from your bed to switch fan/light off. All you need is an ESP8266 with a couple of other components that cost <10$.

Clap Switch

For some time I was thinking of making a simple clap switch for my room. ( Kind of lazy to go and switch off the light and fan every time… :-) ) First get it work on a breadboard.