Changing the colour of your mouse

02 Oct 2013

Ever think of changing this hard red colour of your mouse? Basically I love the blue. Everyone like to have a change. Right? Ok..Optical mouse works by making use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) and photo diodes to detect the movement. It make use of the reflected light to detect movement. So if we change LED to a different colour there is a chance for not detecting the movement. It’s because for that particular circuit arrangement, it needs the specific colour so that exact current is developed in the photo diode. For most mouse it doesn’t matter. Before trying out, just make sure it works.


Remove the case and you will find the LED. Just desolder it and replace it with the Blue one. Plug it to PC to check whether it is working. There may be a chance that the LED glow is weak. Look for a resistor series with the LED leg. Use a multimeter to check the voltage across LED. It should be near 3V. Replace it with a low resistor or just short it. Your Blue LED mouse will work perfect. You can also try this out for old mouse that are not working right. Have tried this out in an old mouse that stopped working. Am using it now for gaming… :-)