Remote access your BeagleBone Black using vnc

22 Feb 2015
Before going into how to share desktop with your BBB I assume you have a proper ssh access to your BBB. (through USB) (if not read this) Also this tutorial is for BBB with Debian installed (type cat /etc/*-release to know which distro you are currently using. Or refer here)

First install the vnc server in BBB.(After logging into BBB)

ssh root@
apt-get install x11vnc

Then go to your local computer and open a terminal window. Install a vnc viewer like vinagre.

sudo apt-get install vinagre

Now its time to start vnc server in BBB.

x11vnc -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -forever

This will start a vnc server at port 5900. Note this server setup is temporary. If you want to remotely connect to your BBB after a reboot type the above command again.

Go to your local computer and type 


A remote desktop will be shown if all goes well. Try exploring other options in x11vnc using (in BBB)

man x11vnc

The server that's currently running will not have any password set. So if you want to set a password or want to know more about x11vnc refer here.

Note: These descriptions are for getting started with BBB. Do not run a vnc server without any password if you are planning to deploy it directly to internet.