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Smart Home Display IOT

This is a DIY smart display that you can embed in to your wall. You can control your smart appliance, set timer to control it, get weather info, and act as a cool clock. Let’s get straight into how I made it.

Raspberry pi Tips and Tricks

If you ever worked with raspberry pi, you know how many times you need google around to find a particular sulution. From enabling ssh first time to enabling uart speed, you need to google around and find the soulution that really works. This is a list of frequent things you may need to configure in raspberry pi. This assumes you are running Raspbian Stretch with desktop.

Product Design of a 4 wheel differential drive robot

I have been thinking of creating a small mobile robot from scratch. From scratch means, go through all the steps of a product development. Design the overall architecture, design the circuits, make 3D model of the parts, 3D print the parts and finally integrate with ROS.

Raspberry pi based Car Infotainment system

Out in the market, there are a handful of car infotainment systems that you can buy for 10 to 30k INR. But nothing beats the thrill of making one from scratch and put it on your own car. So this is my effort to make one from the scratch.