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After a weeks hard work is now up and running.This site was designed for the IEEE Student Branch wing of my college (Govt. Eng College Sreekrishnapuram).

Authentication of username and password using PHP(MySQL)

For sites that need login facilities, entered username and password should be checked with the database to verify the username. Here is an example for doing this. Form.html has a form to enter login and password details. When clicking the submit button it will pass the login username and password to auth.php.Codes needed for both files are given below.

Sastra Systems

This is my second work. Our seniors have started a new company, Sastra Systems. Have designed this site for them. They started the company at kochi with the help of startup village project at kalamassery. They became the one of the top 5 promising companies started at Startup Village.The site is not hosted yet. Good luck for them….(Aronin P,Akhil Aleppy) …


HTML | Where to begin?

After you have a basic idea about the HTML language and how to test it, you can move towards simple tags for adding images, tables, frames etc.The best place to start learning is from . It is the best online site where you can learn Web languages..