Visual servoing of AR Drone 2.0 using Neural Network | Gazebo | ROS

13 Nov 2015

This video is a part of an AR Drone autonomous landing project. Here the AR Drone is controlling itself so that the landing platform is exactly in the middle so that it can initiate a proper landing. Here AR Drone is also tracking the Tag embedded on the landing platform (Not using the inbuilt tag detection. The tag that is being used here is from the ar_track_alvar package.). This is implemented using Neural Network. The video is not a part of a completed project. (The video is playing at a slightly faster rate.)

[NB: As you can see the drone is not orienting itself as it is trying to reach just above the tag. This is only because I didn’t train it to do so.]

Packages used: ardrone_autonomy, tum_simulator, ar_track_alvar, custom packages (some packages I created for collecting data for training, republishing twist cmd_vel with time stamp, implementation of NN, custom launch files and worlds.)